Our services range from supplying our customers with a widely curated inventory to the option of using our prop styling services to get the most out of the items you are interested in, as well as providing fabric draping services and shooting space for photographers, videographers and stylists. We are not just interested in renting items for the sake of renting them. We want you to get the most out of the pieces you select.  We know that you may not be comfortable styling yourself, but if you are that is GREAT, if not we’re happy to help. Our inventory has been carefully and lovingly collected over a period of years to be applied in many settings from a designer’s perspective.

style and design

Love our products but don’t feel confident about putting a cohesive look together? We can help! It’s what we do best! We will become a part of your team and take the guesswork out of creating something you and your guests will love! This is a service that is available at an additional fee based on the scope of the work involved. We have a team of award winning designers ready to help!

fabric draping

Fabric draping is a perfect way to change the look of a room or structure by adding softness and texture as well as movement and color. You can drape gazebos, ceilings, doorways, walls and areas that may not be very attractive. If done correctly and with the proper fabric and lighting, the result can be simply stunning! It can be the thing that takes and ordinary setting to something extraordinary in an instant!

Reasons why you may want to drape:

  • Soften walls
  • Create a cohesive look
  • Hide an unattractive area
  • Create a dramatic entrance
  • Alter the size and shape of a space

photo and film

We have a large inventory of items that are perfect for styled editorial photo shoots, videos, fashion shoots, movie sets, engagement shoots, home staging and more. We welcome photographers, videographers, realtors and stylists who need great props for their projects. We also have shooting space available at an hourly and daily rate. You also have the option to include a professional stylist to make your shoot the best it can be.

Browse our online catalog for a detailed list of our inventory and available stock.